What is the relation between electrons, photons and electromagnetism?

First of all, English is not my first language and it has been a while since I actually had education in that area of physics so the following is what I udnerstand and is only partially correct.

As far as I understood, photons are the particles that “spread” the force in electromagentism, as electromagnetic waves.

I also know that electrons have electric charge and moving electrons cause a magnetic field. Does that not mean that electrons are also an “electromagnetic” particle? Following up, does the wave particle simultanity principle hold for electrons as it does for photons? Does that mean electrons are also “electromagnetic waves”?

Additionally, why do we call “light” or photons “electromagnetic waves”? Are all photons electromagnetic waves or does it depend on wavelength/energy or the source?

Thank you for any corrections and clarifications of my thoughts.

Submitted July 11, 2014 at 07:43AM by here_to_understand http://bit.ly/1q4fnXV


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